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We are a traditional joinery manufacturing company so can produce any type of  timber window to a nearly limitless range of designs.  The main types of windows are:


Flush Window - this window comes in a range of designs and can have bars added for a more classical look and can be shaped and finished with a range of mouldings.  


Stormproof Window - this window differs from a Flush Window as the casements sit proud of the frame and not 'flush'.


Sash Window - this classical window is still a very popular choice.  We manufacture the complete window with both sashes and frames, or for renovations we can supply sashes only to match your original windows.  Although a traditional window these still profit from all the modern benefits, including low u-values.  Our sliding sashes can have lead weights with pulleys or the more modern spring balance, depending on preference.  


Mock Box Window - this window opens the same as a casement window but is manufactured to look like a sliding sash, including the decorative horns.  This gives you a beautiful traditional looking window but without the need for lead weights or spring balances.


Direct Glaze Window - This is a window that has no sash, the glass fits straight into the frame.


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CE Marked (Now required by law)



All exterior softwood is pressure treated in our own preservation plant which prevents fungi, mould and rot.


U-values given on quotations


Made to measure


Painted or stained to any colour


Enhanced security can be added


Highest Quality


Competitively Priced


Good lead times


50 years experience




Benefits of a Rolfe Joinery Window: